Balanced Training

Pawlished uses a (mostly) no treat training technique. Our Balanced Training approach is so simple, it's common sense.


Your dog must learn both "YES" AND "NO" to be successful.
It's only fair to address both sides of the spectrum, so that they clearly know when they are right versus when they are wrong..


When your dog does a desired behavior, we will reward it with physical and verbal praise. You are not a treat dispenser. Your dog should want YOU as a reward, don't you think? Your attention, your affection, your approval through physical and verbal praise. Relationships and training built on dogs checking out owner's hands before making decisions are not top tier. You can do better. Your dog can do better. What if your dog worked for you, because they want to? What if you didn't need to bribe them? It isn't magic, we promise.

It's a partnership. It's a new way of life.

When your dog does an undesired behavior, chances are that you not only want to stop it while it's happening, but you also want to deter it from making the same choice in the future. I'm going to let you in on a little secret... ignoring those poor choices will not make them disappear. In fact, your dog may take that as a sign that it's okay to continue. Let's address those moments instead with a "correction". There are THOUSANDS of methods you can use to correct a dog. Most of them are inappropriate. Owners often come to us confused about what type of a correction is appropriate. We hear about corrections that are too harsh and too soft every day.

We prefer spray bottles, shaker cans, and leash corrections. Another secret? Timing and sequencing are everything! You can't successfully correct a dog without telling them why it happened and what a better option would be! Then we get back to the good stuff, the YES!

We look forward to explaining this in more detail to you during your free evaluation.


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