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Pawlished Dog Training Offers:

Residency Programs + Private Lessons + Puppy Pre-School + Workshops + Boarding




Evaluations are free of charge and last 30 minutes. Classes and lessons cannot be scheduled until clients have attended a one on one evaluation with the trainer. Evaluations are your opportunity to set goals, discuss training technique, and review training packages. Think of this appointment as your opportunity to interview Pawlished, and our opportunity to interview you.

Visit our "Free Evaluation" Page to complete our evaluation request form and schedule.



Puppy Pre-School

To enroll in Pawlished's in person Puppy Pre-School course, email Tori at This course is for dogs 8-16 weeks of age. Curriculum covers house and crate training, play biting, diet and exercise, basic care, teaching puppies to learn, relaxation techniques, and socialization to humans and appropriate play with other dogs. If our in person course does not fit into your schedule, Pawlished is still offering virtual class options.


Here is the link to our virtual Puppy 101 class:










Residency Programs


IMPORTANT: We are taking a break from 
Residency Programs September 2021 to January 2022

We are booking this new program NOW!



Residency Programs Pricing



Private Lessons

Starting September 2021,
we will be offering a completely new format for
Private Lesson Programs. Check it out below!



Private Lessons Pricing





Group Classes

  • Dogs must have graduated from Pawlished or Full Moon Dog Training via Residency Programs or Private Lessons in order to attend Group Classes (dogs are invited to attend when ready)

  • Owners must register weekly for class. Signs ups are published at 8am the Sunday before class on our private FaceBook group page

  • Class costs $10.00 per session

  • Dogs will not learn new skills, but will master previously learned obedience through the highest level of distraction. We think of this as regular maintenance for your dog's skills and continued education for the owners!



  • Expecting Families

  • Pack Walks

  • Scent Work

  • Crate Training

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Name and Explain

  • Differential Reinforcement for Relaxation

  • House Training

Many of our workshops are now available online:



Overnight Boarding

  • Dogs stay at Pawlished facility

  • Available only to dogs who have trained with Pawlished

  • Dogs will have a 6 walk minimum per day

  • Cost:

    • First Dog: $45.00 per Full Day (12-24 Hours) 

    • First Dog: $20.00 per Half Day (0-12 Hours)

    • Additional Dogs: $30.00 per Full Day (12-24 Hours)

    • Additional Dogs: $15.00 per Half Day (0-12 Hours)

Pawlished's Cancellation Policy as of January 2018:


All private lesson and residency program follow up appointments require 48 hours'
notice to cancellation. Failure to give 48-hour notice will result in losing that
appointment time. There will be no make-up time scheduled if owner failed to
email ( or call (leave a voicemail or make
phone contact with Tori at 8598036511) 48 hours before confirmed appointment times. 

Residency Programs require a 50% deposit 2 weeks before drop off day. This deposit is
non-refundable. The remaining balance is due at the Go Home Lesson. 


Group classes require 24 hours' notice to cancellation.
Failure to email or call Tori or Justine 24 hours before registered
group class begins will result in a billing for the spot(s) reserved. 


Pawlished thanks you for your understanding and your support.


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