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About Us

Pawlished Dog Training LLC was founded in January of 2015.

We moved from Norwood, OH to Mentor, KY in March of 2020.

The Faces of Pawlished

Tori, Owner and Head Trainer
Tori graduated from the University of Cincinnati with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship as well as a certificate in Deaf Studies. Tori graduated from National K-9 Learning Center's Master Course as a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) with endorsements for:
Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, Utility, Breed Identification, Puppy Development, Tracking, Scent Detection, Personal Protection, Police K-9, Retrieval, and Assistance Dog Training
Tori has been certified through the American Red Cross multiple times for Dog and Cat First Aid and CPR and is an Ambassador of and Professional member of the International Association for Canine Professionals (IACP). Tori served on the Legislative Committee of the IACP to help the profession move forward with safe, common sense legislation that protects the dogs, trainers, and industry as a whole. She also served on the IACP Board of Directors as the Director Oversight of Marketing and co-Director Oversight of Member Support. In 2022, Tori received the IACP President's Award for her outstanding service to the organization. Tori is an affiliate of Volhard Dog Nutrition, understanding that behavior is directly related to diet. Tori and her colleague, Justine Oakwood co-founded the 501(c)3 non-profit, Caped Canines Assistance Academy, Inc. in December of 2021. Their mission is to provide foundation work and task training support of service dogs to individuals who need support self-training at low costs. Tori currently serves as the Executive Director of Caped Canines.
Tori continues her education by annually attending conferences, workshops, and seminars across the country. She focuses on learning different styles of training to diversify her tool belt. She loves learning from those who have been in the field the longest, with the most innovative ideas. Her most recent conferences include: "Let Dogs Be Dogs" by the Monks of New Skete, Marc Goldberg, and Wendy Volhard, "Training Between the Ears, Level 1" by Mark McCabe, "Relationship Based Behavior Modification, Course 1" with Nelson Hodges, the NePoPo(R) Service Dog School with Victoria Warfel, "Operant Canine, Bootcamp Study Guide" with Pat Stuart, and "NePoPo(R) Learning Theory" with Lauren Turner.

Tori has a passion for changing the relationship between owner and dog to create an open line of communication giving the dog more freedom and the owner more peace of mind. Seeing relationships change in short periods of time bring her both joy and inspiration for more!

Tori has been invited to speak on the Podcast DogWomen Unleashed. Check out Episode 3: Besties & Episode 6: Living and Working with Chronic Illness!

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Albus is a golden retriever who attended National K-9 with Tori. The pair of them have built Pawlished together. Albus loves tracking and assistance work. He will always be eager to get someone the mail! If you stop in, you may find Albus on his place mat chowing down on a NylaBone or helping teach other dogs how to do commands and act like Pawlished pups should.

Follow him on Instagram: 


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Hopper is our pack's newest addition. He is a boxer who came to us all the way from Hungary. He came to us at 13 weeks as a resource guarder who was easily overstimulated around humans and super selective with other dogs. We have made his journey of rehabilitation an open book for others to see that with dedication, time, patience, and hard work-- you can get your dog to be the dog of your dreams. Hopper LOVES to play fetch, slide around, and run with a frisbee in his mouth. 

Follow him on Instagram: @cheifhoppertheboxer



Shadow was Tori's first dog. This black lab mix brought so much joy to her life. He, sadly, passed away February 2018 at the age of 11. We miss him, and his incredibly silly personality every day. Shadow did not spend a lot of time at Pawlished, but was always eager to welcome boarding and foster dogs into our home. His favorite activities were barking at passing dogs and sleeping on the couch!

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