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Client Testimonials

We will continue to update as more videos are made!

Mindy and Rosie

Long-time clients, Mindy and Rosie trained with Pawlished to work through: dog reactivity, dog aggression, fear of the outdoors, and eventually therapy dog testing. Take a look at their testimonial of their time with Pawlished! Thank you for being part of our Pack!


Denise has worked closely with Tori for years as a foster to trainer liaison for one of the largest rescues in the tri-state area. Tori has trained over 100 dogs for this rescue (as of July 2019) and continues to help fosters and adopters change their relationships with dogs. 

Melody with 
Jack & Maizy

Melody has trained 2 dogs with Pawlished over the years. Jack and Maizy each had quirks of their own from separation anxiety and leash pulling to resource guarding and excessive barking in the crate. Check out what they have to say about their experience with Pawlished in Private Lessons and in group classes. 

Haley with
Sadie & Bowie

Haley and Sadie are one of our biggest success stories. Sadie came into Pawlished with aggression directed towards both humans and dogs. Haley now owns a dog walking company where Sadie is able to meet and work with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages. Bowie got the perfect start at Pawlished to avoid ever becoming a rehab case! 

Matt & Chelsea
with Chica

Chica has used every service that Pawlished has

to offer. She started in Puppy Pre-School, moved to residency programs, and her parents brought her back for private lessons, boarding, and group classes. She (and her owners) are integral members of our pack! You'll probably catch them at a group class when you come in! We love having Chica in for her boarding visits, she is a household favorite!

Dany & Nicole
with Lily & Quill

Quilly (that’s what Tori calls this duo) have experienced a few of the services that Pawlished provides. Lily came through first and completed private lessons. Danny and Nicole decided that they wanted to start off on the right foot with their newest addition, so Quill was enrolled in our Puppy Pre-School program as soon as he was adopted. Since filming, both dogs have completed off-leash training too! We see this family frequently for group classes!

Mariah with
Zoey & Nash

Zoey and Nash have used every service that Pawlished has

to offer. They both started their Pawlished training with our Puppy Pre-School, moved to residency programs, they both have done off-leash private lessons. They have done in home lessons, boarding, and are regulars at our group classes (in person and virtual)! We love this family and their support.

Trista with Willow and Felix (Lupin too)

Trista is a repeat customer, now on her third dog in training with Pawlished. From Willow's resource guarding to Lupin's dog and human aggression all the way to Felix's Therapy Dog foundation! She can't get enough of us, but the feeling is very mutual


"We adopted Molly at 5.5yo, with no knowledge of her past. While she was sweet and snuggly with us she had a strange habit of growling (while wagging her tail) when we saw other dogs on walks.. and she could just about pull my arm off. After a residency program with Tori, Molly is the best dog we could ever imagine. She heels like a champ, but is also more relaxed and laid back in all aspects of life - Thanks Pawlished! We recommend Pawlished every chance we get!"- Jill and Molly


"My favorite thing about Pawlished is group classes. Keeping our skills fresh and learning more every week. Tori and Justine are awesome!" - Nicole and Bella


"My favorite thing about Pawlished is your dedication to continue to help owners learn even after our dog finished her residency program." - Meagan and Belle

"What Capone and I like best about Pawlished Dog Training is the dedication to education for both dog and human. Love the videos that demonstrate different training methods!"- Lisa and Capone

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