What Do We Do?
  • Train puppies and adult dogs using a common sense, balanced training approach- learn more in our TRAINING page

  • Teach owners a new way to handle their dogs and to effectively carry training over, into their homes

  • Correct and address behavioral issues

  • Reward and encourage good decisions

  • Fundamentally change the relationship between owners and dogs


Why Do We Do It?

  • Owner to dog relationships should be filled with mutual respect, which gains access to freedom and fun

  • Owners are too often frustrated with their dogs and dogs with their owners, but it is a lack of communication that creates this negative relationship

  • Bridging the gap in communication between dogs and owners is the most important step to making sure dogs aren't being blamed for issues that aren't their fault

  • Too many dogs end up in shelters that, with proper training (of both human and dog), could have stayed in their original homes

  • Pawlished is here to make sure the dog you adopted stays the dog you want. More than that, all dogs deserve a good owner who understands why their dog is doing what they're doing and how to appropriately fix the behavior


Our Values

  • Passion

  • Practice

  • Patience

  • Partnership


Our Promise to You

  • We will train your dog to be the best dog you’ve ever owned. If you follow our instructions, you will also be the best owner you’ve ever been. You will have a relationship with your dog that you’ve never experienced before.



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What's the Process?
  • Complete our evaluation request form ------------------------> 

  • Complete your evaluation

  • E-mail Tori at pawlisheddogtraining@gmail.com to book training based on evaluation

  • Train

  • Enjoy longterm benefits like Group Distraction Classes, Pawlished Community Events, Pawlished Pack Members Group, Continued Education Workshops

A Word from
our Owner!

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